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Brian Cowan

Brian Cowan

As an art director and publisher he enjoyed a career creating visual imagery for advertising and television media agencies worldwide.

"Everyday I might scribble an idea on the back of an envelope, sketch-out a TV storyboard or illustrate a slick press-ad visual, usually at break-neck speed. At weekends and vacations I'd get to draw and paint for myself with no restrictions or deadlines to worry about.... sheer bliss!"

A never forgotten art school education [pre-computers] at Hornsey Art College and then Central School of Art, Holborn, gave Brian his life-long love of experimenting with colour, texture and composition in a range of mediums and surfaces.

He continues to probe the language of drawing and painting to find new and powerful interpretations of his subject matter by exploring new colour materials and mark-making tools to draw attention to the vigour and impact potential that maybe missed or overlooked by the majority in the photography and TV references often used as a starting point.

Sports action, landscapes, portraits, botanical and nude studies with some abstract work contribute to his varied gallery of exhibits.

Email: brian@cowanandcompany.com

Eva Cowan

Eva Cowan

As Eva Rueber-Staier she was crowned Miss World and there followed a career as a film actress and television celebrity. Before long the time came to start a family and the equally satisfying decision to study drawing, painting and clay sculpture at Harrow Art Centre.

"In the film studios I was always impressed watching set-builders work their magic to create unbelievable scenery and sculptural effects with basic building materials and cans of paint and knew that eventually I too would like to express myself artistically in some way, with a preference for sculpture".

For the past ten years Eva has concentrated in steel sculpture and developed her skills at the University of Hertfordshire where talent as an artist has enabled her to design and combine unusual metals together to build modern sculpture works in realistic and abstract creations.

Her subject matter varies in size with gallery items for interior and exterior placings of human and animal studies, a range of wall hangings, object d'art and abstract exhibits.

Email: eva_cowan@hotmail.com